IDEA Deadlines and News

UNM's IDEA service has been demised as of June 2015.

EvaluationKIT, see: is now UNM's provisioned, and supported, Instructor Course Evaluation instrument. 

Any outstanding forms that need to be processed must be sent to The IDEA Center. Note New Schedule of Fees 2015/2016 for processing and reports.  

Please recycle any loose leaf IDEA forms. Please return all unpackaged forms to the LoboScore Office/MSC02 1520.

If you have questions, file a Help ticket,, 277-5757 and the LoboScore Office will contact you.  

Note that this site,, will no longer be available beginning January 1st, 2016.

Fall, Spring and Summer Semesters

The deadline for FIF (Faculty Information Forms) submittal, i.e. request for an IDEA Packet, is three weeks before the end of each semester.

The deadline for the completed Packets (FIF + student IDEA forms) to be returned for processing is one week after finals. 

Please return all completed FIF and student IDEA forms to the Loboscore office located in IT Main, office #1006.  IDEA reports will be delayed if the FIF is not returned with the completed student IDEA forms, as they cannot be processes without the FIF. If no employees are available in office #1006, the front desk  will hold completed survey packets until a Loboscore employee returns or becomes available.

Surveys turned in after the deadline may not be processed until the following semester. IDEA surveys are sent as a batch to The Idea Center for processing.

IDEA Reports Status

Estimated IDEA report arrival is about four weeks after the last packet has been returned to the IT department for processing.  Packets that are exceedingly late will not be processed until the following semester. 

Average IDEA Report processing times are as follows:  one to two weeks to process all packets at IT,  ten days to process at The IDEA Center, and five to ten business days for shipping.  Please note that these are average time estimates and that sometimes there are delays that are outside of the IT department’s control.  

Every department can help speed-up the process by meeting the one week deadline to return all IDEA packets at the end of each semester.

About IDEA at UNM

The business owner of IDEA at UNM is Academic Affairs.

Paper IDEA evaluations/surveys are processed by Learning Operations in IT. Please download this pdf for an overview of our process.

Online IDEA evaluations/surveys are administered by NMEL for online classes only.